This Father’s Day, Lethbridge Mosiac Hosts: “Breakfast-for-Dad”  fundraiser


Partnering with Cupper’s Coffee & Tea and Corner Café and Catering we have several options of beverages and baked goods to please pops this Father’s Day. In light of funding cuts to several non-profit organizations, we’ve decided that all proceeds from this fundraiser will go to the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen. 

Place your orders before June 19th by filling out this form.

Beverage Options (Cupper’s Coffee, Tea, and Frappe): 

  • Mosaic Morning Roast Coffee (Flavor: Smooth chocolate medium roast) - $20/lb

  • Loose Leaf Tea (Unity, Summer Berry & Mulled Market) – $12.95/tube 

  • Frappe Powders (DB Chocolate, W Chocolate & Matcha Green Tea) – $12.95/tube 

Baked Goods (Corner Café and Catering):  

  • Tray of 6 muffins (blueberry, chocolate chip, morning glory, bran, assorted) - $10 

  • Tray of 3 butter-horns (walnut, coconut, plain, assorted) - $12 

Combo (Signature coffee and tray of baked goods)

  • Mosaic Morning Roast Coffee (1 lb.) & tray of 6 muffins (blueberry, chocolate chip, morning glory, bran, assorted) - $28 

  • Mosaic Morning Roast Coffee (1 lb.) & tray of 3 butter-horns (walnut, coconut, plain, assorted) - $30 

We will accept two forms of payment: 

  1. E-transfer to (Preferred method to minimize close contact) 

  2. Cash when you pick-up your order 

Drive-thru pickup will be on Saturday, June 19th @ Holiday Bowl (Parking Lot) - #A 2825 2nd Ave South 

Between 11am and 2pm*

*Special arrangements may be accommodated. Please contact us via email.

Questions? Contact us at