Eight Vehicles Ready for Mexico
The Los Amigos project is very lucky as it has been given eight vehicles to drive down to Mazatlan.  The next convoy is planned for mid-October of this year which is a clearer space on the Mazatlan calendar than the month of March, plus the weather for driving will probably be better.
The following four vehicles have already received. They were donated by:
  • City of Lethbridge – Two ambulances.
  • Town of Pincher Creek – One ambulance.
  • Coaldale Hand-bus Assoc. – One handibus.
In addition, the City of Lethbridge has authorized the transfer of four handibuses to Los Amigos. Thus making a total of eight vehicles so far.
Each of these vehicles will be filled with as many “goodies” as we can scrouge, or better yet, get donated.
The Los Amigos project keeps growing in southern Alberta and across into western Saskatchewan, which is simply GOOD as we collect more vehicles and “goodies” to load inside them. The training team which accompanies these vehicles is expanding too – again GOOD!  Proper management requires that the receiving end in Mexico must also expand. In April of this year, two Canadian Rotarians will travel to Mazatlan to discuss this expansion with our Mexican counterparts.
By good fortune one traveller is the current President of the Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise, Felipe Guerra. He was born in Guadalajara, grew up in Mexico, and came to Canada as a mature adult. Spanish is his native language, and he knows the customs of his birth country; but, Felipe has lived in Canada for many years and so understand the cultures of Canada very well too.  A very fortunate coincidence.
The second traveller, Karl Samuels, also from the Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise, has become the enthusiastic overseer of the whole Los Amigos project. He had a long career in the Canadian Navy and then in Canadian police forces. Karl has travelled widely and dealt with many difficult situations.
Both travellers know how important it is to:
  • Expand the operating base in Mexico for Los Amigos.
  • Examine the specific needs of the Mexican communities.
  • Record the facts on the ground – basically lack of equipment and training.
Upon return, they will report the facts (complete with photographs) to the Los Amigos project management group.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.