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Professional Bullriding 27-28 Aug 2021
PBR 50/50 Raffle Draw 
The 50/50 Raffle Draws at the PBR event in Lethbridge on Friday and Saturday evenings were a success.  On Friday night, approximately $2500 was won by a gentleman from Calgary who had his winning ticket purchased for him by a friend as a birthday gift.  On Saturday night, approximately $4000 was won by a young woman from Brocket who plans to use the money for tuition as she completes Master’s degree in Psychology. We raised approximately $6500 for the club’s projects.
Thanks to Rotarians and friends who worked the event especially: Udo Hanebaum, event organiser, Gwen McMillan, tailgate party organizer, Daryn Wenaas, accounting, Felipe Guerra, accounting, Marlys Reynar, Treasurer, Irm Kuhn and Rita Boltezar, equipment cleanup, and to all those Ticket sellers. 
More exciting news—we get to do this all again in February!!!!!
Marlys Reynar, 
2021-22 Treasurer 
Guest Speaker Shahin Mehdizadeh 16 Sep 2021
Guest Speaker September 16, 2021
Lethbridge Chief of Police
Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh
2021 Waterton Glacier Peace Park Assembly
The 2021 Waterton Glacier Peace Park Annual Assembly Goes Virtual!
Despite our overwhelming desire to get friends together it was decided to change the 2021 WGIPPA Annual Assembly to a Virtual Zoom format.
Join us on September 18, 2021, for this long-standing get-together celebrating the enduring peace we have forged with our neighbours North and South of the border!
We have an outstanding program prepared for you:
  • AGM kicks off the day where all Rotarians in the 4 districts are members
  • The afternoon will have 4 exciting speakers with concise presentations
  • A WGIPPA Social will close off the day.
Register for a nominal fee of $25 to learn about the International Peace Park in your backyard.
Eradicating Polio in Afganistan
Eradicating Polio in Afghanistan
Michael K. McGovern, Rotary International PolioPlus Committee Chair
As the sun rose on 1 January 2021, we all worried about what this new year would bring.  For those of us who closely follow polio eradication progress, it was an especially worrisome time.  2020 and 2019 had seen an uptick in wild polio virus cases and in circulating vaccine derived cases.  Polio vaccinations had had to be suspended for a while in 2020 due to the coronavirus and vaccines for Covid-19 were just starting to receive early use approvals.
The polio news was especially bad in Afghanistan.  On the very first day of 2021, a wild polio virus case was reported.  In the next week, the national health minister was fired due to hints of corruption on non-polio matters.    Before month’s end, the government of Afghanistan ordered the UNICEF polio lead to leave the country relating to a verbal spat that had occurred in the President’s office.  Then in March and June there were coordinated attacks on polio workers and their security teams leaving eight families having lost loved ones.  The Taliban denied responsibility for the attacks, and it appeared the attacks were tied to elements who supported ISIS or ISIL as they are also known.   We also noted that some areas of the country had been subject to over 30 months of a ban on house-to-house polio vaccinations.
 While all this was going on other activities were occurring which have been mostly unreported. On January 17th, the Regional Directors of WHO and UNICEF met at the Taliban office in Doha, Qatar to discuss polio vaccinations and covid response in the areas controlled by the Taliban. While house to house polio vaccinations were not agreed to, the seven senior members of Taliban leadership indicated support for other measures to provide vaccination activities.  In all areas of the country, health screenings continued unabated which showed no new wild polio cases and no positive identification of polio viruses in the environment. In a zoom call of polio partnership leaders the week of 17 August, Aidan O’Leary, the global WHO polio director, noted that Afghanistan has one of the best programs for polio surveillance in the world and it was not finding polio anywhere.
After the fall of the Afghanistan government in mid-August, the new leadership has agreed to keep on the acting health minister who has been effective in righting the program since February.  Taliban leaders have visited the national and regional polio offices and pledged their support for the polio eradication program.   On 23 August, a Rotary sponsored roadside vaccination hut provided vaccinations to children under five with local Taliban providing the needed security. For security reasons, I will not share the photos I received but it was good to see the Rotary logo doing good in the world.
Rotary has just 35 members in Afghanistan.  They inspire me daily with their courage and perseverance. The polio program has always been politically neutral in every country. Rotary and our partners work with the leaders who are in charge. We now work with new leaders in Afghanistan.  Rotary funds WHO and UNICEF.  We do not send any funds to the governments nor to groups other than WHO and UNICEF.   We monitor the spending they do on our behalf very closely.   We have never been closer to eradicating polio in Afghanistan. We will continue to work with the Afghani people and our partners to finish what we began over 35 years ago.
The recording of the presentation can be found at  YouTube with this link
Congratulations to High River - the winner of a very generous " Tell our Rotary Story"- photo, video package by Marc John Robin from Lumen Studios.
Let's keep the momentum going for "Move for Polio"
Coffee Fundraiser 1 June 2021
To order coffee, please send an email on or BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH to:
Include the following information:
Your name
  1. The delivery address in Lethbridge or let me know if we need alternate arrangement
  2. Phone number so we can call you for delivery
  3. How many bags you would like.
  4. What type you would like  Regular, Decaffeinated or Frappe
  5. What grind you would like: whole bean, drip ground, expresso (fine) ground
Delivery will usually be a week later.
Please make payment via E transfer to
 $20 per bag for coffee and Frappe powder is $13 per bag and makes about 6 frappes.
If this payment method is not possible, please contact me to make alternate arrangements, but please do use the e mail transfer if at all possible!