In Person Rotary Meetings
In Person Rotary Meetings Resume 18 November 2021
We will resume our in-person morning club meetings (with zoom capacity) on Thursdays at Lethbridge Seniors Citizens Organization (LSCO) located at 500 11th Street South. Free parking is available in the lot north of the building. Enter the building through the left front door facing north just east of the main doors. There is an "Enter sign" at that entrance. We will have a private meeting and meal service space next to the main cafeteria.
We have arranged to review your vaccine passports in the space outside the meeting room. Attendance will be taken and meal fees paid. Chris from LSCO will scan your QR code and I will record whose passport has been verified. This will become the master list so you needn't show it again week after week.
Our breakfast fees remain the same at $15 per person per meeting and for those only having coffee or who are joining by Zoom, the cost is $5 per person per meeting. This ensures that all club members contribute to covering the cost of breakfasts for our speakers/Rotaractors or Interactors; technology upgrade costs; and other admin costs.  As before, club members can prepay for breakfasts or coffee/zoom. We will work out a plan to quarterly bill those zooming in (for those who don't prepay). Attendance taken  will include those in-person and those joining by zoom. 
Christmas Card Project UofL Rotaract 
Christmas Card Project November 2021
The Rotaract Club from the University of Lethbridge is again doing their "Home Made Christmas Card" Project.
Hannah Dupuis is encouraging Rotarians to design their own Christmas card or cards.  These cards will be given to senior citizens before Christmas.   Contact Hannah to get involved.
Marlys Reynar Paul Harris Award 21 Nov 2021
Marlys Reynar receives her 5th Paul Harris Award for Assistant Governor Sherry Davis.  Thank you Marlys for your continued support of Rotary International and within our community through our club.
Welcome New Members 21 November 2021
Rotary Sunrise Welcomes new Members
Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise is pleased to welcome two new members.  Sherry Davis Assistant Governor (right) performs initiation ceremony to Tymmarah Mackie and Ryland Boudreaux. Assistant Governor, Barrie Orich was also present.
Rotary Recipes 
Let's Get Eating !!!
Knud Petersen is a longtime member of the Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore. Many people feel lonesome these days, so we decided to create a website with interesting and unusual recipes and offer them to anyone on the internet. As a gesture ... from one human being to another. We hope you will consider passing on the website: to interested members. Everything is free. With kind regards, Knud Knud Petersen (450) 451-0881 
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