President Gwen's Year End Address


Happy New Year!

 Welcome to our 20th year as the Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise!
I hope your holiday season found you celebrating some of your favourite traditions and embracing some new ways of celebrating the holidays with family and friends during this pandemic! The McMillan’s celebrated like we did the first year we were married, just the two of us, alas with a little less champagne this Christmas morning! Zooming at the dining table was the best part of our day!
As we begin 2021, I would like to take a moment to recognize all Rotarians as we muddle through the Covid-19 pandemic! We have had to pivot and then pivot again this year.  I think we have gotten pretty great at it! 
Your Club Service Committee continues to do a great job with speakers. They have organized a couple of fellowship events this past summer. We hope to have additional fellowship meetings over the winter months to kept connected. 
Your Community Service Committee has being actively reviewing worthy causes. Requests for funding closed in December and announcements will be forthcoming!
Judy and Jim have found a way to keep our Westminster Elementary School breakfast program going. If any one wishes to assist in delivering breakfast on any Wednesday, please touch base with them!
Your Foundation and Grants Committee has raised over $5360 with big thanks to you for supporting the End Polio project. 
Your Fundraising Committee has projects on the go. Details to follow in January! Hint: time to place your coffee order!
Your Membership Committee has been reaching out and are available to you. We are so pleased to be +1 in our membership so far this year! Good work in time of Covid-19. 
Your Youth Committee is working hard at maintaining relationships in the schools as we move through this every changing rules in Covid-19 time. 
Holiday treats were delivered to Westminster Elementary School students as part on our EarlyAct support.
Financial support was provided to Victoria Park Interact Club's food hampers program to support students.
Your Promotion Committee has being doing a great job providing updates and links to all of District 5360 opportunities. Please ensure you have a look at anything the peaks your interest.
Your Los Amigos Project team keeps rolling along gathering equipment and supporters. Hopefully, this year we can see them on the road again!
As we head in our 2Oth year we have lots to celebrate this year! 
First, your fearless leader 20 years ago, Brian Treadwell will be leading the celebrations, with the first event scheduled for March 10, 2021. Watch for further details as Brian and the committee roll out their plans! If you wish to be apart of the planning, please contact Brian!
Second, The Lethbridge Dragonboat Festival and again our Club will take the lead on this collaboration! Diane Randell, LDF chair, will be updating the club in January on the new look! 
Third, the Annual District Convention is scheduled to be live in person event in Drumheller.  Early registration has been extended into January. Please check out 5360 web page for details. 
Our club has many exciting ideas for 2021 and with Rotary fellowship we will continue to accomplish many!
Here’s to a great year ahead and I look forward to working together to make Rotary and our community better from our efforts! 
Thank you for all you do for Rotary
Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Rotarian.
Yours in Rotary
Gwen McMillan
Value of Club Runner
Dear Rotarians,
As 2020 comes to a close it is my pleasure to advise you that Registration is still open for a Zoom District 5360 learning webinar.
When: Jan 6, 2021 07:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) 
Topic: The Value of ClubRunner
Register in advance for this webinar:
You can register by going to our district website and click on Events and open the January 6th link or;
Registration Link
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Wishing you all a Prosperous New Year
Brian Callaghan
District Convention Early Registration
We are planning for a live Conference in May, and are extending the Early Bird deadline for our District Conference registration in Drumheller to January 31, 2021.  

We are also extending the deadline to submit your interest in hosting a booth at the House of Friendship to January 31, 2021. 
The Chief Medical Officer of Health and Alberta Health will have more information on vaccination distribution and other COVID 19 protocols as the next few weeks unfold.  The safety of the members of our Rotary family come first and will be the number one priority.
Happy New Year to each of you and to your family and friends!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Mary Turner, District Governor, 20-21
Update E-Transfer
Hello Sunrisers.  An update to my previous e-mail
We have implemented an "auto-deposit" feature on e-transfer sent to the club for Dues, Fines and Happy Bucks.  You will no longer have to send an additional e-mail to Carol or I, simply sent the e-transfer to:
Funds will be automatically deposited into our general account.  Please note that this only applies to funds sent for general club purposes, not specific projects such as Los Amigos.
Thanks and hopefully this is easier for all (including Carol and me).
Sophie's Trip to Uganda
Sophie Osaya is heading home in Uganda
She is excited about her trip and looks forward to visiting with her son and his family and meeting his new born boy.  She leaves from Calgary to Amsterdam and then to Niarobie Kenya which takes about 21 hours, stays over night and then she has less than an hours flight on to Uganda the following morning.  I suspect some of you might like to send her on her way with a little gift and if you are so inclined, her address is........   Unit 10  409 43 Street S. Lethbridge  T1J 4B3.   She really appreciates the support of our members!!
Westminster Treats Dec 2020
Holiday Treats for Westminster Students
The children and staff of Westminster School received a holiday treat from the Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise. The cookies were made by Bootsma bakery. We also purchased mini-oranges and gave each person a chocolate hug! This was achieved through the fundraising efforts of the club. The school sent their thanks to you for your generous support.
YUMMY !!!!
Thank you to Cathy and Karl for preparing the Gifts
Sunrise Coffee is Here !!
Sunrise Coffee is Available Now !!!
How to order:
First note there are two emails!  One to order and one to pay!
  1. Fill in the order sheet.  (ATTACHMENT) Include your address and phone # for delivery.
E-mail the order to
  1. Send an e-transfer to the club for the exact amount ($20.00 per pound) 
  1. When you get the E transfer confirmation e-mail, please forward a copy to
 At this time we cannot deliver to non-club members and if you wish to get a bag as a gift you have to deliver it to the ultimate destination yourself.
We will deliver the order to members in city limits.  If you live outside town limits contact us at to make arrangements.
In Summary:
  1. email order sheet to
  2. payment via E transfer to
  3. forward copy of e transfer receipt to
  4. Wait for delivery and enjoy
Club Leadership Team Training Workshops 15 Nov 2020
District 5360 Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors
I am very excited to share with you our plans for the Club Leadership Team Training Workshops to be held in February and March 2021.
Below is everything you need to know about this learning opportunity, but were afraid to ask:
Who should attend?
  •          Our District’s Rotary Family: Rotarian, Rotaractor and Interactor Leaders. District leaders recognise it takes more than a president to lead a club, it takes a team, thus it has been decided to open up the training to all leaders and potential leaders in your club.  We are hoping that at least 4-6 members of your club will attend. There is no additional charge for this training.
Why are we doing this??
  •          Because we believe "Ordinary people working together can achieve extraordinary results – Stronger together!
What will you learn?
  •          The topics will include:
  •          Part 1: “Leading Your Club” (Martin Parnell DGE), “Planning for Success” (Karen Blewett), “Setting Your Club Goals” (Linda Morris) and “The Value of Community Assessments” (Hyder Hassan).
  •          Part 2: “District Achievements” (Mary Turner DG), “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in your Club” (Sadia Khan and Steve Leavitt DGN), and “AG Roles and Responsibilities” (AG’s).
  •          Each session will be led by AG’s from across the District.
When will it take place?
  •          Saturday, February 20th (Part 1) and Saturday , Feb 27th (Part 2) or Wednesday, March 13th (Part 1) and Wednesday, March 20th (Part 2)
    • Each interactive Zoom session will last from 3 - 3 1/2 hours
Where will this take place?
  •          This training will be online. Go to , EVENTS….CLUB AND DISTRICT CALENDAR. Then select dates (Part 1 and 2) on the day/time you wish to attend and register….It’s that easy!
If you have any questions please contact either Rick Istead ( or myself ( )
Yours in Rotary,
Rotary International
District 5360, DGE 2020 /2021
Rotary Club of Cochrane.
Rotary Opens Opportunities
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile