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In-Person LSCO
Happily we will be returning to our hybrid in-person/zoom meetings as of this Thursday March 10th at LSCO. Don will send out the zoom link separately for those choosing to join in that manner.
LSCO has established Covid protocols that remain in place for their organization and facility. All patrons and staff must show proof of vaccination (QR Code). If you have previously attended in person and have shown your QR Code (recorded by me), then you needn't show it again. Additionally, although masks are not required, they are highly recommended.
Guest Speaker -- Gerry Natowotakka
Guest Speaker -- Gerry Natowotakka
St Paul's School
      Topic:  Sensory Room at School
Guest Speaker  Hayat Makwik
Guest Speaker --  Hayat Makwik
March 17, 2022
Congratulations,  Hayat on winning her first public speaking award!  In November, she entered a speech competition with the Odd Fellows pilgrimage and United Nations.  She wrote a 7 minute speech discussing Sudan's democracy and current state. She researched for months and in January won 1st place!  The winners received a two week paid expense trip to New York to visit the United Nations and other places like Washington D.C, Ottawa, Boston, Philadelphia and more. She'll be representing southern Alberta as a delegate this coming summer in the United States. Thank you to her amazing teachers at Chinook High School who encouraged her to enter the competition and believed in her through the process. 
Dragon Boat Media Launch 
JUNE 24, 25, 26 
Secret 3K Run
Lethbridge's First 3K Run
March 2, 2022
              U of Lethbridge Rotaract Club                        Third Generation Rotarian--Kundrik Family
Victoria Park 3K Run
Victoria Park 3K Run
This week Victoria Park High School is ramping up this week for the Secret 3K.
Tuesday and Wednesday classrooms will be introducing the topic and watching the Secret Marathon Movie or short version.
Thursday between 10:30 and 10:45 the students will be convening in the gym and (depending on the weather) will be heading out side to walk/run the 3k, and then pizza will be served at 11:30.
We are welcome to join the walk and the pizza.