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Fireside Chat
ALL Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise members!
Fireside Chat
Please join us for an interesting, informative, and fun time
                                 April 15 , 7:00 - 8:00 AM at our regular Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise meeting
                                                           Prize draws at  the conclusion of the Fireside Chat.
                                                             See you there!
Dog Walkers
Dog Walkers April 2021
Pat Lowell From Sunrise and President Ana from the Mosaic club at the Humane Society on April 7th to volunteer dog walk.  My grandchildren walked along side of us. 
Grandson Lucas age 11 with TJ the dog.
Future of Rotary
How can we attract the right people to our club?

What are low, or no cost ways to share our club's work with the public?
How do we get more young people in Rotary?
If you've asked yourself any of these questions, we hope to see you on April 14th from 5 to 7 pm. 
Four teams of students from Ambrose University will be presenting their vision for the future of Rotary's membership and marketing efforts. 
These teams have worked closely with the Rotary Clubs of Calgary Fish Creek, Lethbridge and Brooks. We think everyone can learn from their findings. 
Additionally, one group of students will reveal their plan for a new type of Rotary Club called "Rotary 21" . 
These students are bringing a fresh perspective to some recurring Rotary questions, and we guarantee you'll be surprised with what they have to tell you. 
Please use the link below to register, and invite a friend to join.
Monthly Coffee Info
To order coffee, please send an email on or
Include the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. The delivery address in Lethbridge or let me know if we need alternate arrangement
  3. Phone number so we can call you for delivery
  4. How many bags of ground or whole beans or frappe you would like.
Please make payment for $20 per bag to the club e mail transfer account.
Frappe powder is $13 per bag and makes about 6 frappes.
If this payment method is not possible, please contact me to make alternate arrangements, but please do use the e mail transfer if at all possible!
Rotary Learning Centre Update 
Learning Centre Update
Registration is now open for our monthly Club Learning Webinar on April 21, 2021 at 7:00 PM for a Rotary Learning Centre Update . Please join Rotarians Rob Wolfson and Tamara Larson District 5370 for this interesting presentation.  Follow the link below to register.
or go the ClubRunner District Home page, open Events April 21, 2021 and click on the registration link. Upon your registration you will receive a confirmation email.
Discon 2021 Guest Speakers
Guest Speakers DISCON 2021
VALARIE WAFER | Rotary International Director 2020-22
CHRISTINA HASSAN | Co-Founder FullSoul Canada
I am so excited to introduce these two fantastic Rotarians as part of the dynamic line up of speakers for DisCon2021. Both Valarie and Christina have been serving in Rotary in a variety of positions and have a deep knowledge of what it means to navigate through these changing time and serve with impact. 
The Power of RotaryOur real-life examples of how Rotary has inspired the way we live, work, and serve as we navigate our own new worlds.
Take a sneak peek at Christina's video introduction to see what is coming! "CHRISTINA'S" VIDEO"
Just three weeks to go before we gather for our annual district conference on Saturday, May 01, 2021. This year's virtual event promises to be an engaging and vibrant gathering of all ages. If you haven't already registered, there is no time like the present to take click and connect! REGISTER

Come visit the DisCon 2021 website for more details and information.

See you at DisCon 2021 - a chance to connect the family of Rotary, and navigate a new world together!
Mary Turner DG