Coronavirus April 01, 2020 Update
April 07, 2020 club meeting will be held on Zoom (Practise with Zoom)
You received an email from Marlys earlier this week. The pracice with zoom will be at 5:00 pm on Tuesday.
April 09, 2020 meeting will be on Thursday logging in on Zoom at 6:45 am, meeting to commence at 7:00 am.
We are not posting the link here for privacy, you need to check your email to locate the link.
Meetings are suspended until April 16, 2020
Things have gotten more complicated as the week goes on with the Covid 19 situation.
Nord-Bridge is closed for at least two weeks, the Calgary Rotary Clubs are not meeting for four weeks and we all are being asked to practise social distancing.  Kim, Gwen and I agreed that we will not meet for at least four weeks. That brings us to the April 16 meeting, we hope to have more news before then. This also means our April 4 Vision 2020 meeting will be canceled.
If any one needs support because they are self-isolating, feeling ill or feel too compromised to go out, please let Kim, Gwen or myself know.  We will help out or find someone who can.
Until we meet again, please take care one and all. 
Yours in Rotary 
Co-President 2019-2020
Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise
My family to yours
I miss seeing you all. My family is in good health.
Enjoy these couple of fun family photos.
stay safe
Westminster Breakfast Club

Hello Westminster Breakfast Program Volunteers…

I have been in touch with Angela Wilde, principal of Westminster and she has confirmed that the school is closed.  She thanked us for checking with her and let us know they are closed to the public, but open for on-line learning and learning packages.  Their staff are working, some at home and some at home.  She indicated it is best to cancel our breakfast program until they open again and offered best health to all our Rotary team.

Thanks for your hard work in supporting the school and serving breakfast to the students.  We will be in touch again when we know what our next date will be.

I hope you and your friends and families are all doing well during this unique, challenging time.


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