Name that Rotarian

Lets have some fun at our next meeting - July 9th


Name that Rotarian!  Is a fun way to learn new "things" about our club members.

We ask that you think of a story about yourself, be it funny or interesting - something that you would share with the group that the rest of us might not know "who" the story teller would be.

Karen will read the story, and then everyone will type who they think the story is about in the chat section of zoom.  Please keep track of how many you get right - for bragging purposes.  We will vote on who had the best story and the winner will be awarded a wonderful lap blanket woven by Karen.  :)


Please submit your story (about a paragraph long) to Karen at by end of day Tuesday July 7th

Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise----Club BBQ
You are invited to the Sunrise Evening BBQ to be held on
Tuesday, July 14 at 5:30 PM in Indian Battle Park.
Because of Covid -19 and the strange times inflicted upon us there will have to be some rules.  These are:
1.            Maximum 50 attendees.
2.            Maintain 2m social distance.
3.            Wear masks if closer than 2m.
4.            NO sharing of utensils or relishes, salads, etc. beyond an individual household.
5.            Alcohol is not permitted in City parks.
Attendees should each bring their own:
1.            Camping chair.
2.            Food they wish to cook and eat.
3.            Plates, utensils, relishes, salads for their household exclusively.
4.            Drinks of their choice (no alcohol).
As there will be only one BBQ stand, tongs and flippers will be provided – there will be as few cooks as possible so let us cook for you. This may take time so sit back, relax in the evening sun and enjoy chatting with members you have not seen in the flesh for some time.
Let’s just keep this BBQ simple and relaxing.  No fuss, No rush.
Driving directions:  Go downhill into valley bottom towards Fort Whoop-Up, but turn immediately right towards Helen Schuler Nature Centre and head towards the RR bridge, ignore the car park on left, turn left down first road, enter first car park on the right, park and look for us.
Picnic Location: In the treed area south of the railroad viaduct in Indian Battle Park there is a wooded area in which are located metal BBQ stands and picnic tables available to the public on a first come first served basis.  Around 4:30 pm some members will select an available location and light charcoal briquettes so as to have hot coals ready by 5:30 for cooking of burgers, sausages, hot dogs, etc. Since picnic tables do not enable social distances, their use is discouraged so avoid the need to eat off plates at a table.  Suggest you do not bring steaks, chops, etc.  Bring buns, etc. that can be hand held while eating in a chair.  Unfortunately, the nearest washrooms are locked shut – the nearest open ones are at the Baroness picnic shelter some half mile away.
Meeting Update 
Meetings are suspended until further notice
Club meeting will be held on Zoom
You will receive an email from Marlys earlier in week for the link.
Meeting will be on Thursdays, logging in on Zoom at 6:45 am, meeting to commence at 7:00 am.
We are not posting the link here for privacy, you will need to check your email to locate the link or email Marlys.
Message from Myrna
We realize that COVID-19 has changed our members' lives in many ways. Since we are unable to meet " face to face" please know that we are thinking of you and that the club is here to help you should the need arise.
Myrna PL
Membership Chairperson
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile