Dragonboats ---Crossing the Finish Line

The LRDBF Planning Committee has been meeting on a monthly basis and planning is well underway. Registrations for the Festival are now open. All positions are filled with the exception of the Volunteer Coordinator (pending) and Safety Coordinator (in process of contacting 2 possible candidates). Planning is also occurring for the 20th Anniversary of the Festival and a Media event will occur to announce the LRDBF is ready to “rumble”.  In consultation with Alberta Health, a COVID Restrictions and Vaccination Policy as well as a Cancellation Policy are approved. Regular communication occurs between the Presidents and the Festival Planning Committee and with DASA. The Volunteer Coordinator will access the support services provided by Volunteer Services. This is available with a membership as a registered association. A recommendation for funding is requested. 

Members please consider volunteering at the time of the event.   Many volunteers are needed.

For further information contact Diane Randell