One Month in...
Zoom zoom zoom !!!!! 
How does July go so fast? Must be the Heat! 
This month we zoom met with some wonderful speakers, learnt much, chatted with old friends, enjoyed much,  and visited with far away students, laughed much. We had a live  performance by our very own Don R. All together adding to the awesome July line up!  Thanks club service! 
As there were a few living and learning zoom moments and adjustments for me, I wish to extend a huge thank you to those who agreed to be zoom administrators for these 8 weeks, Marlys, Carol K., Brian, and Marty!  And huge huge thank you to you all for your great patience! 
A few happenings this past month and new ones for this month include but not limited to the following: 
Your Service Committee has dispersed funds for the Lethbridge food banks ( Oats project) . They continue to look for volunteer opportunities and are meeting with Volunteer Lethbridge and looking at Volunteer connect for safe opportunities for us.
The Los Amigos project has made the hard choice this month to suspend this year’s October trip. They have not however stopped gathering donations through out southern Alberta. They received a generous fire fighter equipment donation this month! 
Your youth committee has committed to the RYE year 2021-2022 and are set to meet next week. Any one interested is welcome to join in.  Connect Cathy for a zoom invite. 
Your Membership committee has put forward 2 individuals for membership. Please see Carolyn’s email! I also like to remind members that Mryna is a membership-care person. Please contact her for care! 
Your Club services has been extremely busy this month.  Their BBQ in July was another bit of good fun! 
As of this reporting we will continue to meet on Zoom for the foreseeable future. We have no date yet for the reopening of NordBridge senior center. We will continue to look for social distance ways to meet live in person for fellowship. For those with social distancing ideas and opportunities please contact our club service committee! 
Under Good To Know: if you are looking how to contact your fellow club members one on one. It is easy. In your (personal login) club runner site you can download the club runner app! The app will give you all our membership names and contacts. Everyone will be just a click away! 
August speaker series looks to just as great with a few surprises. This month includes our very important Budget meeting August 27. Please join us as you can! 
Your Foundation committee is leading participation in a district led Polio fundraising event. “ Come Spin With Us”
Your club has formed a team to participate in this district event. The fundraiser officially began August 1st. Sunrise will host a social distance kick off ride August 9 at 10:00am. 
TEAM Captain Marty currently holds the Yellow shirt. Anyone interested in joining the team should contact Marty, Carol K. or myself! Pledges are welcome. Watch for the Team’s emails and notices!
I encourage everyone to check out our revised Web page, thanks to Marty.
Also I encourage a check in on District 5360 web page. It offers great reads and web learning opportunities to anyone to that is interested! 
Finally, with the increase Covid-19 numbers in Lethbridge, we are in this together and many of us are still try to figure out the new normal. If you need a chat please reach out to your fellow rotarians for that chat, a walk, a coffee (beer/wine) or better yet a bike ride! ( all social distancing and wash wash washed hands) 
On behalf of Kim and myself, Thank You for all you do for Rotary. 
Yours in Rotary, Gwen