Snowshoeing in Waterton
Several of us are thinking of going snowshoeing the evening of Feb 16, 2022 in Waterton.  This is a full moon evening.  We did this a couple of times a few years ago and took some of the exchange students with us.
We would drive up on the 16th around four, have dinner in Waterton and then snowshoe to Cameron Lake.  People can drive back to Lethbridge that evening or stay overnight if they choose.
This particular showshoe trail is relatively flat and short.  I believe it is about 1.5 km to the lake so about 3 km round trip.  
We will only go if the weather is good and clear and roads are good.  We won't make a final decision on that until the 11th or 12th but wanted to see if anyone who wasn't at the meeting on Thursday was also interested.
If you are interested let me know and we can make plans next weekend.  If you aren't interested there is no need to respond.