Guest Speaker 

Sophie Kernéis-Golsteyn

Sophie Kernéis-Golsteyn is a scientist specializing in microbiology and cell biology. She obtained her doctorate degree in microbial ecology at the University of Paris XI, France. Following her PhD she joined the laboratory of professor Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl at ISREC (Swiss Institute of Cancer Research), Switzerland.

Prior to moving to Lethbridge, she was a tenured research scientist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris where she developed a unique experimental model of a cell in the intestinal tract, known as M-cells of Peyer’s patch.  This work is published in the journal Science and is still used around the world (596 citations).

In Lethbridge, Sophie’s research focused on cancer and natural products at the University of Lethbridge, where she was studying cancer cell survival after treatment with anti-cancer drugs.

At Lethbridge College, Sophie has established the Microbial Research Group, which is investigating the veterinary and medical properties of native plants of Alberta.  Her group is discovering new antimicrobial properties of prairie plants, and new anti-cancer compounds in collaboration with the Natural Product Laboratory at the University of Lethbridge.