Lethbridge Integrated Coordinated Access (ICA) Program
Hello Rotary Club Members,
My name is Kala Beers and I am the Lethbridge Integrated Coordinated Access (ICA) Program Lead at Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta South Region. I would like to formally invite you to register for the Tier 1 System Navigator Training coming up on November 23, 2021.  
Are you someone who gets asked for help a lot? Whether it be in your personal life or in your professional role, being a system navigator can support you in helping others. You may already naturally do this in your life, which we think is great! Being a part of the ICA network would give you access to current community resources, connections to other system navigators and even be able to learn something new!  
Please see the attached one-pager for more information. Feel free to send this invitation to others that may want to participate. There will be more community trainings moving forward, but this training can also be delivered by request for a specific group. Connect with me about this option.  
If you are interested, please follow the Eventbrite link to register for one of the three opportunities on November 23, 2021: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/tier-1-system-navigator-training-registration-201776227127 
If you have any questions please connect with me.
I look forward to hearing from you and I am excited to see you at the training! 
Kala Beers, MSW, RSW​ (she/her)
Integrated Coordinated Access Program Lead

Canadian Mental Health Association, Alberta South Region
Tier 1 System Navigation One Pager Final.pdf