Los Amigos Driver Application
The trip this year will be leaving Lethbridge at 7:00 AM on Sunday, February 20th, returning to Lethbridge Saturday, March 5th around midnight.  We ask that if you are interested in applying for a drivers position this year, please complete the attached application and return it by email to doug@thornfin.ca BEFORE Friday, November 26. The Admin Team will be making selections over the weekend. Successful candidates will be notified on Monday Nov 29th.
Following current travel laws, all drivers must be fully vaccinated, and show proof of out of country travel insurance covering the dates of our trip.
You will note that there is no ambassadors application attached, since this year, the Admin Team has decided not to offer space to Ambassadors. Costs of Fuel, accommodation and flights have increased substantially.
Please feel free to share this application with any other members of your Rotary Club that may be interested. As you are aware, only members of Rotary are eligible to drive.