Los Amigos Project Update
I want to reach out to give you information on the current state of our project. It will come as no surprise to anyone, due to travel restrictions, we will not be sending our units before the end of 2021. The Admin Team has met and we have begun to make preparations to leave Lethbridge for Mazatlan on Sunday, February 20, 2022. We will be returning home on Saturday, March 5th. All planning and travel arrangements will be re examined on or before December 20, 2021 and may be cancelled at that time.
There have been some changes to previous trips that are motivated to protect the safety of our drivers.  We will require 14 drivers and two administrators for this trip.
1.       All participants must be fully vaccinated for Covid 19, and be prepared to wear N95 masks in public areas that exhibit high chances for
          transmission of the virus.
2.       We will be unable to accommodate Ambassadors for this trip.
3.       All drivers must possess out of country travel insurance that provides coverage for Covid 19 infections, including the cost of quarantine or return
          transportation if necessary.
Driver applications will be available in the next few days. As before, drivers must be Rotarians, members of Clubs that have contributed to funding of Los Amigos or have provided vehicles.
We have found that our budget, prepared over two years ago, may have to be adjusted to account for realities in fuel costs, travel and accommodations from then to now. We will keep you advised as plans take shape.
Thank you for your interest and commitment to our Los Amigos Project.
Doug Thornton, Co-Chair
Los Amigos Admin Team