Marvelous Moments in May
I would like to correct and make a very important change to the poster that was sent out last week, and the link below. The correct address to send your "Marvelous moments" to is
Please check out the correct poster that is attached.
As a reminder there is an inspirational promotional video at 
As a reminder this is a call to action for you to help for 2 reasons
1) If you are experiencing a heavy heart then thinking about, appreciating and sending in one or more "Marvelous Moments" will help you.
2) If you are not experiencing a heavy heart - you can help those who are - by you sending in your Marvelous Moments you are demonstrating and modeling that this is an important thing to do for each other and our community. For many there is a stigma attached to mental illness. Stigma leads to silence! Rotarians and community leaders such as yourself can model that it is OK to share - to NOT Bottle it Up!
Share your marvelous moments to mobilize those who need to! 
Enjoy our weather, get out, go for a walk and say hello to someone - it will make their day, and yours too:)
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