Move For Polio
Last year our District launched a “Come Spin with Us - Polio Cycle Challenge” to raise funds for Polio Plus during COVID restrictions. The initiative was the vision of Vic Maris (RC of Sylvan Lake) and headed up by Marlene Doherty with 14 clubs participating raising over $70,000. Thanks to all for your assistance.
Marlene is back as the District Champion and this year; our goal is to have 30 clubs in District 5360 participate and raise $100,000 for Polio Plus.
We are calling this year’s fund raiser “Move for Polio”. Thanks to your feedback we’ve expanded the ways you can participate for your physical and mental well being. Not only can you cycle but you can do anything that makes you move be it walking, running, swimming, hiking, skateboarding etc.
The initiative will run from July 1st to October 24th, World Polio day and we need your help.
We would love to have a Champion for each Rotary, Rotaract, Interact and EarlyAct club.  The Champion will promote and communicate the Move for Polio fund raiser with their club . We currently have 5 “Club Champions”.
If this is something you’d be interested in then shoot Marlene an email at and become part of the “Move for Polio” team.