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In preparation for a long journey to Mexico through the Alberta Rotary Club Los Amigos Project, two frosty fire trucks were serviced by students in the Heavy Equipment Technician Diploma program at Olds College of Agriculture & Technology. These students honed their new-learned skills by inspecting and servicing the fire trucks, ensuring they are safe and reliable for the 3,000-mile trip ahead. From changing oils and filters to checking lights, wheels and tires, the students gained hands-on experience working on a different type of vehicle that wouldn’t typically be available to them.

“This initiative has elevated our students' experience as we would typically not have a fire truck at Olds College to work on during class,” says Greg Loewen, Instructor, School of Trades & Skills. “We are happy to help the community with this great cause, and it is valuable hands-on experience and exposure for our students.” 

This is the second year that the School of Trades & Skills has helped the Los Amigos Project by having students service the vehicles. Olds College trades students are inspiring examples of what can be achieved when people come together to support a worthy cause. It's clear these generous individuals and organizations are making positive and lasting changes in their own communities as well as others around the globe.

The Los Amigos Project began in 2011 through partnerships with Rotary clubs in southern Alberta and Mexico. Through 12 successful trips, they have delivered fire trucks, ambulances, handicap vans and school buses to Mexico. For this trip, 16 drivers will be used to deliver the two fire trucks. The Los Amigos Project is also looking for more Rotary Clubs to become involved in this worthy initiative. 

To get involved or if you have any questions, reach out to the Rotary Club of Olds at rotaryclubofolds@gmail.com.