Speaker 12 Nov 2020: Mark Keating
Mark Keating speaks about ShelterBox
Mark Keating went Off the Grid in August 2020 on a cross-Canada motorcycle journey in support of ShelterBox. 
20th Anniversary Celebration 8 Nov 2020
To recognize our anniversary on March 10, 2021, we will change our Thursday, March 11,  Zoom meeting to the evening of March 10.  It was suggested that it would be nice to have a slide show of pictures taken over the past 20 years. 
We have a copy of the PowerPoint that was made for the 10th anniversary.  We need to create another updated PowerPoint.  If anyone has pictures from the past 20 years,  please let us know.
It has been suggested that Brian would speak since he was President of our Charter year.
Please let me know if you are willing to help out.  Our next Anniversary Committee meeting is on Thursday, March 19, right after our regular 7 a.m. meeting.  You are welcome to attend.
E-MAIL Fines and Happy Bucks Instructions:
Please follow the following instructions precisely to send any e-transfers to the club (and we do welcome your fines and happy bucks):
  1. Direct the E-mail transfer to:
  2. Send an advice of that transfer to the following 2 people so that at least 2 club members are aware that a transfer has been made to the club and then we can “audit” to ensure that the transfer was deposited to the Club’s account.
Advise AND of the transfer in an email.
This is necessary so that we have a check and balance to ensure all funds are received and deposited to the Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise.  This protects our membership and our club officers.  Please do not send the e-transfer directly to Daryn or Carol’s personal e-mail addresses.  To ensure the accuracy and integrity of this process, any e-transfers directed to our personal e-mail addresses will not be accepted and you will have to redo to the proper e-mail address (
Also, as a reminder, please collect fines and happy bucks and submit with a minimum of $25.  We do have transaction limits with Servus Credit union so every deposit (even electronic) may bring us closer to our monthly limit and if we exceed those limits, we will start to pay transaction charges. As well, we have to record every transaction in our accounting records and would like to keep those entries as efficient as possible.
Thank you and please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.
Daryn - Treasurer
Volunteer Opportunity
Volunteer Opportunities for Sunrise Members
Volunteer Lethbridge has informed us of 2 opportunities for us to become involved in Community Service. 
1.  Keep In Touch volunteer opportunity. Volunteer Lethbridge has created more marketing materials for the program and they are attached for your information. The Seniors Wait list is growing by the day so Volunteer Lethbridge is currently stretching to find those interested individuals in the community and they are reaching out to us. This is something we can do from our home. 
2.  Volunteer Lethbridge has been contracted to provide recruiting and screening services to LSCO for their Drive Happiness program.  Please contact LSCO regarding this opportunity. They can be reached at 403-320-2222.
Nordbridge Christmas Goodies
Nordbridge Fundraisers Edible Delights
Like many Individuals and Businesses, the Nordbridge Seniors Centre is struggling to maintain their programs.  If baking is not on your list for Christmas, you  might try some of these Delights 
Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Buns, Meat Pies, and Christmas Baking
Please call 403-329-3222 to order.

lease call 403-329-3222 to order
Sunrise Committees October 25, 2020
Chair: Diane Randall
        Members: Ron Bunton, Alan Andron, Greg Tiffin, Jim Campbell 
Chair: Julie Smith
         Members: Richard Tamkin, Deanne Little, Carol Kundrik, Pat Lowell
Co-Chairs: Cathy Moen and Karl Samuels
         Members:  Karen Johnson, Lee Koran, Carol Koran, Marty Boogaart, Judy Reed, Gwen McMillan
Co-Chairs: Richard Tamkin and Jim Campbell
Chair: Carol Kundrik
Co-Chairs:  Doug Thornton AND Henry Van Hierden  
          Members: Karl Samuels,  Berga Moen
Chair: Udo Hanebaum
         Members:  Ron Bunton, Wayne Brewer,  Cathy Moen
Chair: Myrna Prochinsky-Longair
         Members:  Carolyn Clark, Ian Randell
                   PUBLIC RELATIONS
                   Chair: Greg Tiffin
                             Members:  Marty Boogaart, Judi Reed
The club survives on active participation of all members.  If you have a skill that would be of benefit to a particular committee, please step forward and provide your input.  We all have something to contribute.  Reminder:  Our treasurer will be completing his term this year.  Please consider applying for the position.              
Russell Hampton
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