Guest Speakers DISCON 2021
VALARIE WAFER | Rotary International Director 2020-22
CHRISTINA HASSAN | Co-Founder FullSoul Canada
I am so excited to introduce these two fantastic Rotarians as part of the dynamic line up of speakers for DisCon2021. Both Valarie and Christina have been serving in Rotary in a variety of positions and have a deep knowledge of what it means to navigate through these changing time and serve with impact. 
The Power of RotaryOur real-life examples of how Rotary has inspired the way we live, work, and serve as we navigate our own new worlds.
Take a sneak peek at Christina's video introduction to see what is coming! "CHRISTINA'S" VIDEO"
Just three weeks to go before we gather for our annual district conference on Saturday, May 01, 2021. This year's virtual event promises to be an engaging and vibrant gathering of all ages. If you haven't already registered, there is no time like the present to take click and connect! REGISTER

Come visit the DisCon 2021 website for more details and information.

See you at DisCon 2021 - a chance to connect the family of Rotary, and navigate a new world together!
Mary Turner DG