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Sunrise Rotary Projects 18 May 2021
Benefiting Children in Lethbridge
Carol Haayema
“Need to read about some positive things going on? Hearing this morning about how Rotary is benefiting the children in Lethbridge through music. Normally Rotarians read to the children and serve in other ways as well. Thank you A&W for your regular breakfasts to the children! We also heard about Play Therapy and outstanding outcome in the community as well. Interested in serving the community? Message me, Rotary is a great way and we do interesting things as well.”
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Guest Speaker Sophie Kerneis-Golsteyn 20 May 2021
Guest Speaker 

Sophie Kernéis-Golsteyn

Sophie Kernéis-Golsteyn is a scientist specializing in microbiology and cell biology. She obtained her doctorate degree in microbial ecology at the University of Paris XI, France. Following her PhD she joined the laboratory of professor Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl at ISREC (Swiss Institute of Cancer Research), Switzerland.

Prior to moving to Lethbridge, she was a tenured research scientist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris where she developed a unique experimental model of a cell in the intestinal tract, known as M-cells of Peyer’s patch.  This work is published in the journal Science and is still used around the world (596 citations).

In Lethbridge, Sophie’s research focused on cancer and natural products at the University of Lethbridge, where she was studying cancer cell survival after treatment with anti-cancer drugs.

At Lethbridge College, Sophie has established the Microbial Research Group, which is investigating the veterinary and medical properties of native plants of Alberta.  Her group is discovering new antimicrobial properties of prairie plants, and new anti-cancer compounds in collaboration with the Natural Product Laboratory at the University of Lethbridge.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw Recognized

Dr. Deena Hinshaw and team recognized in Edmonton Area Rotary Clubs integrity awards 

House of Friendship Project Fair 9 June 2021

Hello Rotarians! Just one month away until this year's House of Friendship (HOF) Project Fair on Wednesday, June 09, 2021 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm
There will be (4) breakout sessions over the two hours, so you will be asked to select the (4) sessions that interest you the most. In between the sessions you may stretch your legs, fill up your drink and listen to the updates from our District Governors, Mary and Martin. We have added one last presenter to the lineup. You can find this list below as well as on the home page of the district website at   Sorry we are no longer accepting requests for new presenters.
It is going to be a great evening to hear from Rotarians and those in the community who have not let the pandemic slow them down. There is no cost, so register today at HOF Project Fair! Please be sure to use the exact project title when you make your selections, this is the second line in light blue.


Please register at HOF PROJECT FAIR! and learn more about the exciting projects happening around our community.

Club Leadership Training #3 29 May 2021
A friendly reminder to our District 5360 Rotary family. If you haven't yet registered for one of our Club Leadership Team Training Workshop #3's scheduled for Saturday, May 29th or Wednesday, June 2nd, please do so as soon as possible, as you don't want to miss this learning opportunity:
Who should attend?
  • Our District’s Leaders (Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors), aspiring leaders and those interested in learning and expanding their Rotary knowledge through an interactive workshop. There is no additional charge to participate in this session
Why are we doing this??
  • Because we believe "Ordinary people working together can achieve extraordinary results" – "We're Stronger Together!” 
What is one of the things you will learn at this Workshop?
  • How you and your Club can "Increase Your Impact". 
    • "Come listen to Kurt Kowalchuk and Jamie Moorhouse of our District Rotary Foundation Committee share with you their advice on assessing a community service project and how to measure the results (impact) of your work on the community."  This impact can help attract new members, partners and donors.
When will our workshops take place?
Choose either,
  • Saturday, May 29th from 9.00am -12:00 pm or,
  • Wednesday, June 2nd from 5.00pm - 8:00pm
How can I register?
  2. Select the date/time that works best for you
  3. Click on the Zoom registration link
  4.  You will then receive an email confirmation with your own personal meeting link
  5. It’s that easy!
If you have any questions please contact either Rick Istead ( or Martin Parnell ( )
Marvellous Moments 
Marvelous Moments in May
I would like to correct and make a very important change to the poster that was sent out last week, and the link below. The correct address to send your "Marvelous moments" to is
Please check out the correct poster that is attached.
As a reminder there is an inspirational promotional video at 
As a reminder this is a call to action for you to help for 2 reasons
1) If you are experiencing a heavy heart then thinking about, appreciating and sending in one or more "Marvelous Moments" will help you.
2) If you are not experiencing a heavy heart - you can help those who are - by you sending in your Marvelous Moments you are demonstrating and modeling that this is an important thing to do for each other and our community. For many there is a stigma attached to mental illness. Stigma leads to silence! Rotarians and community leaders such as yourself can model that it is OK to share - to NOT Bottle it Up!
Share your marvelous moments to mobilize those who need to! 
Enjoy our weather, get out, go for a walk and say hello to someone - it will make their day, and yours too:)
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Diversity Equality Inclusion Webinar
Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Registration is now open for our May Club Learning Webinar.  Please join Hybah Syed, Justine Wild and Sadia Khan on May 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM for this important presentation.
You can register by going to the District ClubRunner home page a open events and go the calendar date for the webinar or follow the link below:
After you have registered you will receive a confirmation email.
Move For Polio 
Move For Polio
Last year our District launched a “Come Spin with Us - Polio Cycle Challenge” to raise funds for Polio Plus during COVID restrictions. The initiative was the vision of Vic Maris (RC of Sylvan Lake) and headed up by Marlene Doherty with 14 clubs participating raising over $70,000. Thanks to all for your assistance.
Marlene is back as the District Champion and this year; our goal is to have 30 clubs in District 5360 participate and raise $100,000 for Polio Plus.
We are calling this year’s fund raiser “Move for Polio”. Thanks to your feedback we’ve expanded the ways you can participate for your physical and mental well being. Not only can you cycle but you can do anything that makes you move be it walking, running, swimming, hiking, skateboarding etc.
The initiative will run from July 1st to October 24th, World Polio day and we need your help.
We would love to have a Champion for each Rotary, Rotaract, Interact and EarlyAct club.  The Champion will promote and communicate the Move for Polio fund raiser with their club . We currently have 5 “Club Champions”.
If this is something you’d be interested in then shoot Marlene an email at and become part of the “Move for Polio” team.
Monthly Coffee Info
To order coffee, please send an email on or
Include the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. The delivery address in Lethbridge or let me know if we need alternate arrangement
  3. Phone number so we can call you for delivery
  4. How many bags of ground or whole beans or frappe you would like.
Please make payment for $20 per bag to the club e mail transfer account.
Frappe powder is $13 per bag and makes about 6 frappes.
If this payment method is not possible, please contact me to make alternate arrangements, but please do use the e mail transfer if at all possible!